Hot Air Sterilizer (Clean Room Oven)

Hot Air Sterilizer (Clean Room Oven)

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Hot Air Sterilizer (Clean Room Oven)
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Detail Specifications

Mechanical principles
1. Dry heat sterilization method applies to high temperature and the sterilization of the items to be
dried, usually used in glass bottles and stainless steel appliances to remove the pyrogens
reaction. The hot air is cycle by blower and become a high cleanness by the HEPA filter. When
the hot air up to 170 ℃ ~260 ℃, can be used to sterilize the items inside the chamber, such as:
glass bottles, utensils, aluminum cap, rubber stopper (at low temperatures), in keeping with
cGMP standards.
2. When the machine product from the factory, instrumentation and temperature sensor supply
original test reports record, in accordance with cGMP standards.
3. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics industry, chemical industry
and food processing. Mainly used in the sterilization of glass and metal, such as: VIAL,
AMPOULE, and all kinds of liquid bottles, aluminum cap, rubber stopper (at low temperatures)...
and so on.

1. The structure of the machine is made by stainless steel SUS 304,316,316 L, in accordance with
cGMP standards.
2. Air damper fully closed, the automatic damper is kept tightly closed when sterilization process
and after turn off the machine.
3. The use of this machine is high temperature above 350 ℃ high efficiency filter (99.97%), filter to
0.3 Mirco particles.
4. Two side of the chamber are equipped with air quantity adjusting plate, the air volume can be
adjusted to achieve a even temperature distribution.
5. The doors have a interlock control, two side doors does not open at the same time, and before
the finish of the process, the door can't open, in order to avoid contamination.
6. The machine with five process : A.Dry, B.Heat up, C.Sterilization, D.Cooling, E.Finish. After
parameter settings, the machine can automatic control.
7. The machine with test hole for the operation of the testers.
8. The machine with temperature recorder, a complete record of the temperature distribution of full
9. The sterilization trolley made of stainless steel, the sterilization plate can design and use to
match up the filling machine.
10. Each filters are equipped with a differential pressure gauge that for detection filter life.
11. Single door and pass through type two doors can supply.

* Continuous operation temp 250℃.
* High temperature HEPA filter (99.97% dop test).
* Sealed interior chamber (argon welding) and stainless steel chamber permit washing the chamber.
* Automatic temp control with SCR power regulator.
* Single door or pass through type two doors.
* Truck loading.
* Temp indicator and phase pilot lights on both side.
* Recorder with probe to record the chamber temperature for checking of the sterilization process.