Tray type bottle washing machine

Tray type bottle washing machine

Product Description

Product Name:
Tray type bottle washing machine

Detail Specifications

Machine description :
1. Suitable for all kinds of capacity of the VIAL and Ampoule, using extreme pressure of water to spray bottle inside and outside.
2. The machine structures and piping are made by stainless steel SUS 304,316,316 L, in accordance with cGMP standards.
3. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, laboratory and cosmetics.

Feature :
1. By the replacement of the nozzle plate and the plate frame, the machine can be washed many sizes of bottles.
2. Each lotion with high-quality filter.
3. Each lotion with pressure gauge, learned the washing pressure.
4. The machine can optional HMI and PLC control.
5. When the top lid is open, machine can not spray, to ensure safety.
6. When the top lid is close, automatically begin the cleaning process.