Double cone Mixer

Double cone Mixer

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Double cone Mixer
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Mechanical principles
The mixing drum is a pair of conical container, wide in the middle, and narrow in the ends up and down. The drum with one set of baffles, when the rotation of the mixer, powder or granules by the tapered barrel body, to move up and down, And to divide by baffles, then to achieve the effect of mixing. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health food and other industries of powders, granules, add lubrication agents, adhesives, spices and other materials mixed.

1. The mixing effect is fine and even.
2. The structure is simple, easy to operate and clean.
3. Machine equipped with safety rails and safety protection facilities.
4. With the mixing timer for control mixing time automatically .
5. The machine can be connected to the vacuum suction system for automated feeding, or with the
dry granulator then discharge the material automatically, to form a closed operation.
6. Device complies with CGMP norms.

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