V-Type Mixer

V-Type Mixer

Product Description

Product Name:
V-Type Mixer
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Detail Specifications

* It is made of two combined cylindrical shells in V shape. Materials move up and down due to the weight and centrifugal forces while rotating the shell.
* Collected and dispersed at the combined area continuously, materials are mixed rapidly. When a intensifying bar is fitted up to cut, crush and mix congregative materials, it provides homogeneous mixing result with uniform dispersion over the whole mixing area.

* Body made of stainless steel, inner and outer polished walls.
* Consists of V-type cylinders of different altitudes through mechanical transmission the materials in these cylinders are made to move back and forth and turn over, repeatedly (achieving uniform mixing).
* No blind angles in the cylinders (no accumulation of materials).
* High speed, and short mixing time.
* Simple structure and easy maintenance.
* Easy cleaning.

Technical date:
* Models: V500
* Full Capacity: 500L
* Working Capacity: 200-300L
* Motor: 5HP