Through Circulation Dryer

Through Circulation Dryer

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Through Circulation Dryer
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Detail Specifications

Mechanical principles
1. The tray with hole, cover breathable cloth, the product was placed inside and covered, took the
tray into the car, and layered.
2. Specially designed movable trolley, trolley is divided into compartments, and fit with the drying
3. Hot air with a special design of diversion, by vertical penetration of product, take the water away,
and achieve the purpose of drying.
4. The machine is widely use in pharmaceutical, biotech, food, chemical and other industries a
variety of wet granules and powder dry.

1. Hot air to penetrate through the product, and take away the moisture, the drying efficiency is
2. Drying air volume, working time is shorter, about 2~4 times the general box type dryer, save time
and manpower.
3. The thermal distribution is even inside the chamber, each small difference in temperature and
have a high permeability of hot air to product, so the product without turning.
4. By the way of the penetrating hot air drying, heating time is consistent, no drying color
5. Trolley with a movable design, easy to operate and clean.
6. The machine structure is concise, easy installation and operation.
7. Design and manufacture meet the cGMP norms.

1. Heating system by electricity or steam is available and can be both selected or use independently.
(In case of night time , there is no steam supply then can use electric heating.)
2. Automatic circulation system, easy to operate .
3.Temperature recorder.
4. HEPA filter optional for inlet air.
5. Automatic air damper optional for outlet damper.
6. SUS316 optional for contact part material.
7. The control circuit have over-temperature and motor overload protection.
8. Touch screen ( HMI ) optional for operation panel.