Centrifugal Pelletizer

Centrifugal Pelletizer

Product Description

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Centrifugal Pelletizer
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Detail Specifications

* Granulating cylinder and rotating disk : Granulating cylinder and rotating disk are specially designed with good mixing and flowing capability. The solution can spread evenly and enhance the solidity of particle. Rotating speed is adjustable with tachometer which indicates the rotating speed accurately.
* Solution spray unit : Solution spray unit consists of spray gun and a measurable pump. Spray gun has excellent performance and sprays the solution into tiny and even drops. The particles are formed uniformly and coated to prevent the particles from sticking into blocks.
The atomization pressure and spray volume is adjustable as required. The position, height and direction of spray gun can be adjusted easily.
Powder spray unit : Powder spray unit consists of storage hopper and sweeper for dusting the powder on the particle measurably.
* Hot air supply : Hot air supply consists of a high pressure blower and a heat exchanger. The air temperature and flow volume can be adjusted adequately.
* High pressure slit air : There is an adequate slit between granulating cylinder and rotating disk. The hot air is blown out through this slit for drying and mixing from hot air chamber. The air volume and temperature can be controlled adequately by volumetric meter and temperature controller.
* Electronic control unit : There are switch, indicate light, Temperature controller and tachometer on the operation panel for proper control temperature and rotating speed.